Meet Bobble-Bot

Real-time control with ROS and a Raspberry Pi.


Real-time Linux

Ever wonder how the industry pros are developing safety-critical, autonomous systems? Bobble-Bot is a fun example of a real-time control system. Except its control software is not hidden within proprietary firmware locked behind a corporate firewall. It's readable, modular, and extendible C++ and Python code running on a Raspberry Pi that you can modify and experiment with on your own!

Open-source simulation

There's a lot of merit to model based design techniques using simulation tools, particularly in robotics. However, many of these tools cost an arm and a leg in licensing fees. Using Gazebo, you can develop a simulator yourself for free. Let the Bobble-Bot open-source sim be your guide for how to do just that!


Save yourself some money by using a powerful open-source framework that scales. Even more exciting, ROS 2 now supports real-time control natively. See how we used both with Bobble-Bot, and use our approach as a template for your own project.

Simulate and test

Bobble-Bot is SOE’s take on a classical problem in control theory. The robot represents a unique solution to the well understood problem of control of a two wheeled inverted pendulum. The robot comes with a handy Gazebo simulation which was used extensively during the development and testing of the balance controller. The source code is being provided as open-source software in order to help others learn about feedback control and the Robot Operating System (ROS).

An Open Design

Bobble-Bot was designed to be shared with others. For this reason, SOE is actively working hard to provide a full parts list and design documentation to the community. The robot is still in development and the material is being updated regularly. Click the button below and create an account to access the parts list, wiring diagrams, 3D printable CAD, and more. It’s free!

Meet the creators

Bobble-Bot is being developed by three engineers at a small engineering startup. The project represents our first venture into product development. SOE also provides traditional engineering services with a specialization in software, electronics, and design. Click the button below to learn more.